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DynaPass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated:  19 Jan 2010

Q: Can I use my existing mobile phone with DynaPass?
A: Yes, all GSM phones (old and new) can be used to receive password.

Q: Is Dynapass only for mobile users away from their desks or can it be used at the office as well?
A: DynaPass is a security solution for authentication and dynamic passwords and can be used regardless of your location. Security aspects of passwords and authentication are pretty much the same whether you are at your desk or travelling. It makes things easy for a user to always use the same process for requiring passwords.

Q: What will happen if I loose or "misplace" my password?
A: The only thing that will happen is that you have to request a new password from your mobile phone. This will normally take about 5 sec.

Q: What happens if my mobile phone is switched off or I am out of coverage when my password is sent to me?
A: Mobile Networks stores SMS messages and sends them when your mobile phone is connected to the network again. This is the way to ensure that no SMS message is lost.

Q: My Mobile Operator is offering SMS services where I can connect to their SMS centre over Internet. Can I use this for DynaPass?
A: Yes. DynaPass can be connected to this type of service. You can also connect mobile phones direct to DynaPass servers.

Q: Can I combine automatic distribution and on-request for passwords?
A: Yes. You can combine different ways for distribution of passwords and users with automatic distribution can even request new ones if needed.

Q: What is the capacity of DynaPass? If I have 500 users, can I distribute passwords to all of them?
A: Yes. By setting the time for distribution you can spread them over time so everyone will have their passwords in good time.

Q: If someone calls support and claims to be me, can he or she get a password and in this way get access to the system?
A: No. It is only the person with access to your mobile phone that can get access since the password will show up in your mobile phone.

Q: What will happen if my mobile phone is broken?
A: Call support to get a temporary password and ask them to remove your mobile phone from DynaPass. When you have your mobile phone replaced or repaired, just call support and ask them to activate your mobile phone in DynaPass.

Q: What will happen if my mobile phone gets stolen? Is this a security risk?
A: All information in your mobile phone is protected by a PIN code. Report it as stolen or missing to your support. They will remove your mobile phone from DynaPass and reports it as stolen to the Mobile Operator where they can block your mobile phone from their network. You will receive a temporary password from support.

Q: What will happen if my mobile phone was turned on when it dissapeared?
A: In principle the same as in prevoius question but it won't be protected by your PIN code. This is one of the reasons why we have included a secret part of the password in DynaPass. This secret part is only known by you and can't be found in your mobile phone. The password in the mobile phone is useless without the secret part. Someone must also get to know your username, how to log on etc in a limited timeframe.

Q: Will DynaPass change my routines and processes for administering users and user accounts?
A: No. DynaPass works as an add-on to your existing system and you just keep on using your tools and DynaPass will be automatically updated with user information. Mobile numbers can then be easily added into DynaPass.

Q: John is on vacation for a couple of weeks. Can automatic distribution be stopped temporary during this period?
A: Yes. John can easily send a SMS containing a "OFF" to DynaPass and by doing this all distribution to John will be stopped until he is back and sends a "ON" which will start the process again.

Q: Can mobile phones be tapped?
A: All information sent over the air is encrypted.

Q: What types of security system such as VPN is supported by DynaPass?
A: DynaPass is transparent because it uses a mobile phone for distribution, and thus works with all solutions that verify users and passwords with an NT domain controller or Active Directory.

Q: Is it easy for me to try out DynaPass on my system?
A: DynaPass can be downloaded and installed from our Internet server. This gives an initial trial period of 30 days at no charge. An appropriate mobile phone with serial cable to connect it to the server is needed.

Q: Does DynaPass support access from my system via WebService calls?
A: DynaPass OTP Services can be used either through Internet or Intranet. To the top


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