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Supported GSM Modules & Phones

Last updated: 23 April 2009

Client side phones. 
All GSM telephones capable of receiving SMS messages are supported.  This includes 100% of all GSM phones as far as we know.

Server connected GSM equipment.
All server connected GSM equipment is connected to server via serial or USB data cable, which can be bought from your local dealer. Make sure that you have the correct cable for selected GSM phone.

NOTE!  We do no longer test/support normal cell phones since there are so many on the market and some of them have problems.
For high throughput DynaPass systems we recommend using SMS providers supporting the SMPP protocol instead of connecting GSM modules directly to the server.

Serverside GSM Modules that works OK

DynaPass DynaPass
Manufacturer Model Note
Siemens M20T old model
  TC-35 iT  
  MC-35 iT The difference is tha MC supports GPRS. TC is only GSM. DynaPass does not need GPRS.
  TC-65 Quad band (850,900,1800,1900) works in Europe and USA
Sony Ericsson GM29 European distribution: Rutronik

Serverside GSM Modules that does not work

Manufacturer Model Note
Nokia D211 This WLAN/GPRS PC Card module requires special Nokia SDK drivers for SMS.  It is not supported.
Enfora EDG1228 This USB module requires special drivers and commands and is not supported.

Download now Download the latest DynaPass release for evaluation from our FTP server.
FAQ DynaPass FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

 Paper See also White Paper for DynaPass
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