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DynaPass provides a one-time password via SMS direct to you mobile phone. Giving you Secure Access to Windows NT/2000 domains with Active Directory and Novell networking with eDirectory.

DynaPass simplifies and improves your security when handling passwords and identifying users without introducing new equipment and complicated solutions. The mobile phone is used as a client for DynaPass. Strong Authentication of authorized users is guaranteed in two levels, SIM card and PIN code combined with an individual prefix, known only by the authorized user.

DynaPass opens up the unique possibility of actually enabling and disabling user accounts. This is possible since DynaPass is a central solution where dynamic password are created centrally and distributed to the user. Enabling and disabling of user accounts is done automatically according to settings in DynaPass defined by the company. User accounts are disabled as default and enabled for a short period giving users the possibility to logon. Unauthorized people can’t use a stolen password or use brute force to find a password.
The only way to get access is that the authorized user requests a password and by doing so enables the specific user account.

Deployment of DynaPass is very easy and straightforward without requiring a lot of installation, support and maintenance. There are no clients, drivers or hardware solutions, which have to be installed and maintained in workstations. This will minimize the support/maintenance of the system and keep you in control of the security.

Due to the nature of DynaPass where users don't have to remember passwords, it will decrease the cost for lost or forgotten passwords, which is very high today. With DynaPass they can't forget it or lose it. They just order a new one!

You can deploy DynaPass for authentication of remote users or authentication off all users. Read more in Implementation Guidelines (PDF) DynaPass is a scalable solution, which can be deployed, in whole organisations or just in a part of them. The system is an add-on to existing infrastructure and systems, and introduces very few new components to support. The DynaPass User Manager handles only the DynaPass related settings. Security solutions based on remote access technologies such as VPN, Access Routers, secure WEB, Citrix etc can be seamlessly secured by DynaPass.

How does DynaPass work?

DynaPass includes a framework for setting up rules and routines on how users, individuals or groups, can request or receive dynamic passwords. Parameters for disabling and enabling of user accounts etc can be set through the administration tool.

Examples on how DynaPass works.

Automatic distribution of dynamic passwords

On-request of a dynamic password.

User Manager

DynaPass User Manager is the tool used by administrators for connecting users and user accounts to specific mobile phone numbers. The User Manager allows you to change, add or removes a mobile phone number from a user. The DynaPass database consists of rules and objects on different DynaPass users such as conditions for logging on, Prefix of passwords, time limits etc.

Functions and features in DynaPass:

System requirements:
DynaPass server.



Supported Directories

Mobile phone on DynaPass server and SMS over IP.

DynaPass User Manager

DynaPass User.

Download now Download the latest DynaPass release for evaluation from our FTP server.
FAQ DynaPass FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
White Paper See also White Paper for DynaPass
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