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Installing & Upgrading Fusion95 ver 4


Fusion95 is available for a full range of UNIX/AIX platforms. Make sure that you download the version that corresponds to your platform.

Evaluation or Upgrade

The downladable versions of Fusion95 can be used either to upgrade an existing system or to install a 30-day evaluation version.

To upgrade an existing version, install the downloaded Fusion95 over the existing version. The license information and configuration settings will be retained.

To install an evaluation version, install as normal, when prompted for a license code reply that you do not have one; the system will then be installed with a 30-day evaluation license. The evaluation license can be replaced with a full license at a later date without needing to re-install the whole system.

Upgrading from version 3

An upgrade from Fusion95 version 3 to version 4 is available for is 25% of list price (75% discount).
Contact our sales department for more information.

A special offer applies to those customers who purchased Fusion95 between January 1st 1999 and March 30th 1999. If these customers upgrade between April 1st 1999 and June 30th 1999 then they will be sent a Fusion95 version 4 license code and can download the software from the internet free of charge. If a CD-ROM and printed manual is required, instead of downloading, these will be provided for a charge to cover the cost of these (US $15) plus shipping.

Expand the download

If you are upgrading, stop the existing Fusion95 using the command "/usr/fusion95/f95stop".

Change directory to "/tmp".

Copy the downloaded file to "/tmp/fusion95.tar.Z".

Uncompress the file using the command "uncompress fusion95.tar".

Extract the files from the archive using the command "tar -xvf fusion95.tar".


Run the installation script "/tmp/usr/fusion95/install/install".

Answer the questions for node and workgroup names and license as described in the user's manual. The latest version of this manual is also available for download as a MS-WORD document.

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