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AniTa 8 - 2007

AniTa 8 screen example.  

pyjama fill and button setup

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Target platforms:
AniTa 3: Windows 3.1x
AniTa 4: Windows 95/98/NT3.51/NT4
AniTa 5: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000
AniTa 6: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
AniTa 7: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Terminal Server
AniTa 8: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Terminal Server/Vista

Feature summary

  • Support for Windows Vista (AniTa 8)
  • New macro to turn on/off text display: %textshow%<parameter>.
  • New %setatt% macro andc screen design feature supports persistant painting of the selected background area.
  • 16 extra colors supported in DEC and ANSI emulation modes.
  • New: SSH "keyboard-interactive" User Authentication.
  • ENVIRONMENT variables.
  • Enhanced Text-area Hotspot editor AniTa hotspot editor
  • Easier customizable printer selection in menu: File->Print Setup ...
  • New macro: %unplay% to remove only specific hotspots. 
    Good for Hotscreen %unaction%
  • Compatible with existing AniTa settings
  • Windows XP look and feel
  • Windows 2003 Terminal Server support
  • Proportional Fonts in fields
  • Dynamic Hotspots with space
  • LPD Server in AniTa PC
  • AniTaSCP SSH Secure Copy.
  • Print directly to clipboard
  • Gradient filled Window, Hotspots and Fields
  • Bitmap as Window background
  • 3270 IND$FILE file transfer
  • “Keyin” from raw file
  • Live active HTML-Hotspots with browser
  • No host-side application changes needed to enhance application
  • ADDS 60 supported.

Features explained

Windows XP look and feel

 Windows XP manifest file to enable new XP style common controls.

Windows 2003 Terminal Server

 Windows 2003 Server and Terminal Server is supported.  AniTa is optimized according to the Microsoft advices for Terminal Server-aware applications.

LPD Server

AniTa includes LPD server task.  The LPD server can accept print jobs from the traditional UNIX, Linux, AIX (and now even Windows) LPD printing protocol RFC 1179.  LPD Server can convert character stream to Windows GDI printers, support multiple parallell jobs and use all AniTa-type Terminal Printing filters and attributes. LPD Server can auto-start and stop with AniTa.  This LPD server can also be used as a file transfer server accepting file downloads from host to the PC.

Dynamic Hotspots with space

Dynamic Hotspots can convert any text on the screen  to a button. Earlier versions of AniTa could only detect words separated by whitespace characters.
Set of Dynamic Hotspots can be created by simply marking an area on the screen and then convert content to  buttons.  Each button can then be modified to perform custom actions.

Image Wallpaper

AniTa can display an image as the window background.  The image can be scaled or tiled.  The image can be changed at runtime from the host.

Gradient fill backgrounds

The AniTa background can be gradually filled from one color to another .  The direction can be either horizontal or vertical.  Gradient fill attribute can be applied to the whole AniTa window background or to individual “fields”.  A field is an area delimited by a change in text or background color. 

Hotspot sounds and background fills

New global default sound files activated by Hotsppot mouse over, down and up.
Hotspot backgrounds are now by default gradually filled. This helps creating a modern slick 3D look & feel.

Print to clipboard

Now possible to direct Terminal printing directly to the PC clipboard.  This makes it easier to paste into PC-side programs like Word or Excel.

Proportional font

Proportional font (instead of fixed pitch) can now be used as attribute in the existing 3D Box mapping for fields.  This gives an attractive modern look and feel to legacy applications.

More 3D Box attributes

3D-Box mapping is extended with attributes to use a different font size, margins and text alignments.

3270 IND$FILE transfer

3270 emulation is improved with support for IND$FILE file transfer using the fast structured fields mode.  Other features like Extended mode (3270-E) is now also supported.

FTP file transfer

The AniTa FTP client is improved with support for automatic mode change after transfer (chmod 777).

SCP Secure Copy Program

The new AniTaSCP client provides encrypted file transfer using OpenSSH channel.  This AniTaSCP program was added in the 7.1 release.  AniTaSCP is compatible with PSCP with improved host control.  It is possible to use the existing AniTa ACL (AniTa Command Language) to control SCP file transfers from the host script.  Find examples on the AniTa sample pages on our ftp server.

HTML Hotspots

Hotspots can now be defined to be a browser.  The document in the browser can be any document that a browser is able to display.  Examples are:  live web pages, Word documents or a text files.

History scrollback

The AniTa History scrollback can now be redirected to a separate window.  This removes the earlier 400-line scrollback buffer limitation.

SSH "keyboard-interactive" User Authentication

This "General Purpose Authentication Method" for the SSH protocol, suitable for interactive authentications where the authentication data should be entered via a keyboard. The major goal of this method is to allow the SSH client to support a whole class of authentication mechanism(s) without knowing the specifics of the actual authentication mechanism(s). The AniTa implementation integrates with the AutoLogin functionality and will suppress "Password" input dialog in such case. This authentication method is becoming popular and is even the default Authentication Method in some Linux distributions.


E-script feature makes it possible to save private variables in the ENVIRONMENT table. The mechanism uses the putenv() and getenv() API and therefor follows the same rules. There are 2 new AniTa callback functions that can be used: AniGetenv(string) and AniPutenv(string).  It is also popssible to use %getenv% and %putenv% from the host side to manipulate ENVIRONMENT variables. 

16 Extra colors

Support for 16 extra colors for emulators using DEC and ANSI color settings: ESC [ attribute m This gives a total of 32 colors that can be used for text and background. The extended set will get a default RGB value of 20% more luminance. It is possible to congigure the exact RGB value for each entry in the [PaletteRGB] section of the .wcf file. The escape code to set the new colors works just like the original 16 colors by specifying a colors offset. To set extended bright magenta background Example: ESC [ 106 m (in general, add 20 to get bright). 

And many useful features like …

!        Now possible to turn on both “local color” and “host color”.  This way you can get the basic monochrome attributes converted to colors, and then apply your own application colors when needed.

!        Support for DEC & ANSI bright fg/bg color escape sequense by adding 20 to the color code.

!        Images and icons are cached and need only be loaded once during an AniTa session.

!        The cursor can now be changed during time consuming operations.  To avoid screen flicker, it is possible to specify a delay time before the cursor change.  If the host sends a %cursornormal% before that time, then the cursor is never changed.

!        Enhanced serial access to COM ports.  The COM-port baud rate can be set when opening the port and a maximum read time can be specified. 

!        SCO Openserver 5.0.5 new “scoansi” terminal type supported.

!        ”Keyin” from a raw file.  This makes it easy to simulate medium long keyin keyboard input from files.

!        Mobile telephones IR-port modems and other virtual COM port drivers are now supported.

New macros like:

!        %wallpaper% display new background image

!        %historyon% and %historyoff% toggles scrollback display

!        %sendip% send IP address

!        %sendport% send IP port number

!        %file%path;print print a file offline

!        %cursorload% and %cursorstandard% toggle cursor

!        %play%path start playing a recording

!        %record%path record outgoing keystrokes

!        %recordcomm%path create a trace

!        %recordstop% stop recording

!        %unplay%<path> remove hotspots defined in file

!        %textshow%<1/0> turn on(1) or off(0) display of text.  Useful when you want to replace a page of text with hotspots.

!        %setatt%<parameters> Paint the selected area of the screen with a persistent color. 

More screen snapshots ...


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