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DynaPass Version 4 - what's new?

Feature summary

  • Password Request from Web page
    Password requests can now also be made through a public web page. A sample .asp script and documentation how to set this up is included in this release. The code shows how to set up a web page to serve requests for passwords. More info is available in the DynaPass/Weblogon directory.
    The client connects to the DynaPass Weblogon page where he is requested to enter account name and his DynaPass Prefix. If the requested input is correct, the client will receive a new password in his cellular phone within a few seconds.
    This option is particularly useful for clients with phones that can only receive messages or resides on networks that do not support identification of the clients phone.

  • Immediate Display or Replace message
    DynaPass now automatically sends SMS using Immediate Display and Replace Message depending on password lifetime. This means that passwords with a lifetime of more than 15 minutes will replace the old password in the phone memory. Passwords with shorter lifetime will display immediately and never be stored in phone memory.
    This simplifies for the client and the need to clean up and delete old messages stored in the receiving phones inbox disappears. Only the last valid message from DynaPass is viewable in the phone.

  • Send Password as SMS or e-mail
    Passwords can now also be sent as e-mail through the network operator e-mail message service. This option is used for client accounts on networks that do not support native SMS service. (Non GSM networks, pagers etc.)
    This option is configurable on a per user basis.

  • Generic SMS-gateway
    DynaPass now includes a general purpouse SMS gateway. This functionality is available to any user in your network through a small web based application. Apart from composing and sending a message immediately you can also que messages to be sent at a specific time and date.
    Customer specific applications can access this service through an easy to use interface.
    Sample code and documentation is included in the DynaPass installation directory.