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What's New In Fusion95 version 4

Windows based administration

Fusion95 version 4 contains a new Windows based administration program (in addition to UNIX based administration) called F95ADMIN. The Windows based administration program shows graphically all the Fusion95 servers in the network. The administrator can view, add, change or delete disk and printer resources as well as users.

It is possible to restrict administration from Windows to certain users, or to require special password authentication. It is even possible to disable administration from Windows for secific Fusion95 machines, in which case the server appears crossed out with a red X, and it is then only possible to view which resources are shared.

Fusion95 Administration

New User-Level security

New User-Level security mode. The User-Level security database allows remapping of PC users to UNIX users and the permits a PC user's password to be different from the same user's UNIX login password. A different home path from that used during a UNIX login session can also be configured.

Fusion95 Administration


Revolutionary new trigger-technology allows UNIX applications to monitor, filter and change server actions when a user accesses disks and files. Specific actions can be configured to trigger when specific events occur. Events include: Connect, Logon, File-Open, File-Read and File-Close.

For example:


Added support for Windows98 style password encryption (in addition to the UNIX style password encryption used in Fusion95 version 3). In addition support for Password case has been added for use with those clients that support such a feature (currently only NT clients).

Additional Supported UNIX Platforms

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