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AniTa6 and 7 - Sample screens

This page contains sample screen snapshots from various AniTa 6 and 7 and AniTa/WEB user's.  Click on the image to get a full view.

If you have a nice looking screen that can be of interest for other users, please contact us. 

From Nectar Systems.
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new AniTa 7 new features like Gradient fills in field background, Window background "wallpaper" using a bitmap, Proportional font in fields.

Gradient fills Background wallpaper

From Nectar Systems.
AniTa/WEB in a browser.

Nectar Systems

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Menu with hotspots Bitmap pop-up Advanced panels. Company logo image on screen text area HTML page generated by AniTa

new AniTa 7 feature: live html-browser in a hotspot. 

AniTa 7 with HTML hotspots


From Bally Systems.
AniTa/WEB in a browser with interactive buttons. Before (using a traditional emulator) and after running AniTa/WEB
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before AniTa After AniTa/WEB

From April System Design.
COM Automation activated Excel from Host.
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(This is one of the samples from the AniTa Programmer's Guide...)

Excel graph demo Sample button setup

new AniTa 7 feature: LPD Server 

AniTa 7 LPD Server


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