AniTa for the Web

Release Notes and Modification History
for the Java version of AniTa

(this README file is also available on the AniTa for the Web release media)

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Version - 11 February 2010 
- Fixed the Raw printer procedure

Version - 20 September 2009
- Print job deleted when the spool delay has run out and still no printable data has been received.
- Correct default value of 500 set to the DelaySpool parameter if missing
    in the ini-file.
- Removed the key listener from the delay spool input field.
- Updated User Guide

Version - 8 October 2009
- Minor bug fix in the printing procedure.

Version - 3 September 2009
- Fixed the terminal GUI printer procedure.
    A timer now delays the spooling by 500 milliseconds so that a new
    printing sequence from the host is included in the ongoing print job.
    Also supported are sequence codes to set page orientation,
    lines per inch and narrow font settings from the host.
Version - 4 May 2009
- Fixed a few bugs in the ACL DIR command implementation.

Version - 20 April 2009
- Implemented the Anita Comman Language
  The following features exists:
   Disable completion codes
   If completion codes are turned on, then "S" will be sent to the 
   host after a succesful command, and "F" if it failed.
  FILESIZE   : Return the size in bytes
   Returns -1 if the file/directory does not exist,
   Returns -2 if it is a directory,
   Returns size if the file exists.
   Return the filename(s)
   Returns -1 if the file does not exist, else size.
   Delete file on the PC
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
  CHDIR [[d:]path]
   Change PC working directory
  CD [[d:]path]
   Same as CHDIR
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
                Copy binary from srcfile to destfile
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
   Appen binary from srcfile to destfile
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
   Create directory
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
   Create nested directorys
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
   Not available in Anita for Windows
   Remove directory
   Returns F if failure, S if success.
  Set window title. Only when run as an application.

Version - 13 November 2008
- Fixed the ESC[y features broken in
- Updated User Guide

Version - 14 August 2008
- Redesigned the Running a local application feature.
    ESC[3yjava -classpath dir/dir2/dir3 Application ESC\
    ESC[3yjava -jar Application.jar ESC\
  Use quotes if path include blanks
    ESC[3y"C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/Excel" file.xls ESC\

Version - 11 August 2008
- The toanita protocol now implemented.
  The toanita programs can be used to send files from a UNIX
  host to the client computer via the AniTa terminal connection. 
  These can be binary files such as icons or text files such 
  as hot screen definitions.
    ESC[13ytoanita file.dat ESC\

Version - 25 July 2008
- Fixed a bug which prohibited the selection of row and column count other
  than the standard values.

Version - 28 May 2008
- Fix: Characters greater than 255.
- Added used charset to trace file.

Version - 6 May 2008
- Added South European charset, ISO 8859-3. 

Version - 3 February 2008
- Added cyrillic, ISO 8859-5 and greek, ISO 8859-7 charsets. 
- SSH Login dialog: Text now selected when text fields gain focus. 

Version - 15 May 2007
- Fix: A null pointer exception could occur under certain circumstances
  during auto login. 

Version - 1 October 2007
- Now possible to start the configuration application by pushing the 
  "Config" button when running on Mac.

Version - 19 July 2007
- Mousewheel sensitivity added.

- Sending commands to the host in connection with autologin over SSH fixed.

- Now possible to leave out username and/or password when performing automatic login
  but still get the command executed (after filling out the missing values in a pop-up 

Version - 10 May 2007
- JaniTaConfig: Export to HTML fixed for IE 7.

Version - 2 May 2007

- Now possible to run several concurrent applets in one browser.

- The frame stays maximized when terminal window size 
  changed by the host.

- Fonts change according to the configuration.
- Updated User's Guide.
Version - 5 April 2007

- ANSI emulator: number of columns are now set.
Version - 3 April 2007

- Now possible to change window size when requested by the host 
  with both Telnet and SSH.
Version - 30 March 2007

- Resizable applets: If the browser window is resized by the user 
  the applet is resized accordingly if applet width and height
  parameters are set as percentage values. 
Version - 14 February 2007

- New implementation to minimize time between sent bytes 
  when sending mnemonics.
Version - 13 February 2007

- Fixed a bug in the handling of macros.

Version - 13 February 2007

- Mnemonics like <86> containing values larger than decimal 127
  or HEX 7F now functioning correctly.

Version - 9 November 2006

- Implemented keep-alive functionality. This property can be
	set only in the ini file on row 16. The interval in seconds
		is set on row 17.

Version - 9 November 2006

- Support for Public Key Authorisation under SSH.

- Revised scrolling function for DEC and SCO emulation.

- Fixed a NullPointerException which was thrown when 
	login failed under SSH and no message from host.
- Setting rows and cols tty parameters when connecting 
	under SSH. 
	As a temporary solution this is done using scripts.
	The user can edit the ini file at lines 14 and 15 
	in order to disable this action.
- Revised tracing function under Telnet.

Version - 30 March 2006

- Support for SSH protocol.

- janiTaconfig now signed to work in WebStart environment.

- Minimum JRE version 1.5

- exportToHtml() rewritten. Modelled after the output of 
  Suns HtmlConverter run with "Extended (Standart + all 
  browsers/platforms)" and "Any JRE 1.5 or higher" options. 
  Works with IE, Netscape and Firefox.

- Now checking with user whether or not to include user and password
  when exporting to HTML

- Removed the signed code checkbox as the jar files are now 
  always signed.
  NOTE  If you are using old HTML files you must rewrite the 
        archive parameter like the following:
            (not janitas.jar)

Version - 1 August 2005

- Improved telnet protocol support
Version - 4 October 2004

- Adds support for scroll margins in DEC emulation. 
  e.g. esc [ top ; bottom r

Version - 22 September 2004

- Adds support for %scrCOL:ROW:LEN% and %txtCOL:ROW:LEN% macros.

- Fixed a problem when using janita as a bean which could cause a
  hang if a send and recieve coincided. Did not happen in "normal"
  use as an application or applet.

Version - 15 September 2004

- Support for CSI as well as ESC [.

Version - 21 March 2004

- Simplified telnet protocol handling to resolve problems
  when logging onto a SCO server.

Version - 23 November 2003

- The ctrl-I and ctrl-J keys now even send the expected
  character when un-mapped. This was a problem on only
  some versions of Java (e.g. 1.3.0)

Version - 16 November 2003

- Time limited licenses can now be used together with
  jainta applet and web start. 

Version - 20 October 2003

- Terminal Printer File Names that start with a @ are use
  to contain the Terminal Printer File Name instead of
  being the output filename.

- The connect box now has the enter key set to OK even
  with JRE 1.4

Version 1.3 - 8 August 2003

- Added Host Alias.

- Added %selectall% macro.

Version 1.3.0.A - beta release - 4 May 2003

- Added JRE 1.4.1 installation to User's Guide.

- The janitaconfig.jar filename is now all lower case. The old
  name of JanitaConfig caused problems on Linux and UNIX which
  have case sensitive filenames.

- The janitaconfig "First Time Setup" dialog has been changed
  to improve portability. The drop-down menus now use swing
  instead of awt and the keyin box is now forced to the same 
  width as the other controls in the dialog. This JRE 1.4.1
  incompatability was first seen on RedHat 9 Linux Gnome. 

- The install-janita script now checks to see if there is a
  GNOME (2.2) or KDE (3.1) desktop, and if so prompts to 
  install janita icons.

Version - 30 April 2003

- clearing protected fields now supported

- janitaconfig notices case changes in button panel

- janitaconfig is now better at importing the keyboard mapping at
  the same time a WCF file is imported

- AppletExit can now be configured in janitaconfig

- Janitaconfig now remembers when Applet Height and Width have 
  changed so that you cannot exit without a save warning.

Version - 27 March 2003

- Adds telnet support for WILL / DONT for unsupported commands. On
  some connections (such as FreeBSD) this caused the protocol to hang
  after connecting but before showing the login.

Version - 25 March 2003

- Supports %colup% and %rowup% mouse macros in the same way as AniTa.

- Supports %clearselect% macro.

- Updated User's Guide and Programmer's Guide

Version - 21 March 2003

- Fixes problems when importing from an AniTa for Windows WCF file.

- Supports %colup% and %rowup% mouse macros.

- Updated User's Guide and Programmer's Guide

Version - 9 March 2003

- Improved compatability with JRE 1.4.1

- Janitaconfig now shows non-editable fields as black on grey instead
  of dark grey on light grey; improves readability especially on XP.

- Janitaconfig keyboard mapping now uses a pop-up dialog box.

- About boxes now always show the Java version.

- Updated User's Guide and Programmer's Guide

Version - 11 February 2003

- Improved compatibility with JRE 1.4

- Configuration program now permits keyboard mapping when running 1.4

- Configuration program is now in the namespace se.april.janitaconfig

- Configuration program now prepends the namespace when writing HTML
  and JNLP files.

- Configuration program now adds code to the HTML page to stop the F1
  key from starting the web browser help and instead pass the key to

- Now longer shows an error box when attempting to paste with nothing
  on the clipboard.

Version - 23 August 2002

- AniTa for the Web is now in the namespace se.april.janita

- Applets must be coded accordingly, change code parameter
    <PARAM NAME="code" VALUE="janita">
    <PARAM NAME="code" VALUE="se.april.janita.janita">

- WebStart must have the main-class in the jnlp file changed
    <application-desc main-class="janita">
    <application-desc main-class="se.april.janita.janita">

Version - 27 July 2002

- Adds escape sequences to display message dialog boxes.

Version - 25 July 2002

- Javascript supports peekScreen( column, row, len ) to read from the
  terminal window.

- The NULL that follows a CR is now send in the same block.

Version - 5 June 2002

NOTE: blinking cursor is now the default!

- Cursor blinking is disabled when the emulator doesn't have focus.

- Blinking cursor (CursorBlinkRate=530) is now the default.

Version - 5 June 2002

- CursorBlinkRate can now be configured in milliseconds.
  Steady is CursorBlinkRate=1000 which is the default.

- CursorBlinkRate can be set from the host,
    ESC [ 3 3 ; CursorBlinkRate y

  If no CursorBlinkRate is specified, then blinking is reset to 530.

- Can now draw the UNICODE checkerboard characters 0x2591, 0x2592 and 0x2593

- JavaScript within a web page can now communicate with the janita Applet
  using the following 4 functions:


  According to Sun's documentation this works with IE. NS 6 requires
  a version 1.4 plug-in. NS 4.72 is not supported.

- The following code should be placed in the Applet's HTML body to stop
  the web browser from grabbing the F1 key press.

  <body onhelp="donothing()">
  function donothing() {event.returnValue = false;}

Version - 21 May 2002

- When running as an Applet, the host  can now tell the browser to show
  a web page:
    ESC [ 4 1 y ESC \

  The web page is an URL, normally an http:, such as:

  but ftp: and file: URLs are also possible:
    file:C:\program files\janita\index.html

  To jump to a web page in a specified target frame:
    ESC [ 4 2 y target ESC \
    ESC [ 4 1 y ESC \

  Once the target is specified, it remains in effect until a new target
  is specified. The target argument is interpreted as follows:
  _self    Show in the window and frame that contain the applet. Note:
           that this will remove the current web page AND thus the
           janita Applet that is running in it.
  _parent  Show in the applet's parent frame. If the applet's frame has
           no parent frame, acts the same as "_self".
  _top     Show in the top-level frame of the applet's window. If the
           applet's frame is the top-level frame, acts the same as "_self".
  _blank   Show in a new, unnamed top-level window. This is the default
           for janita.
  name     Show in the frame or window named name. If a target named name
           does not already exist, a new top-level window with the specified
           name is created, and the document is shown there.

- Applets can now go to a new web page on exit (and disconnect).


- Fixed problem with janitaconfig hanging at initial ini file create time
  (that was added in previous version).

Version - 15 May 2002

- Applets can now reconnect after disconnect.

- Multiple applets can be run in the same Windows (IE) machine.

- DEC emulator supports (DSR) Device Status Report (DSR)
  Request for terminal status: ESC [ 5 n
  Request for cursor position: ESC [ 6 n

- Updated janitaconfig to configure AppBgEnabled & AppBgColor

- Updated janitaconfig to configure raw terminal printers

- Updated User's Guide

Version - 12 May 2002

- The application background color can now be configured. Previously
  we used the standard color for the L&F and this is still the default.
  e.g. appbgcolor=white

- janitaconfig now support printer setup and app background.

- janitaconfig can now read in an ini file with a color as a name and
  not just in RGB format. (e.g. supports Red in addition to #FF0000).

- Updated User's Guide

Version - 7 May 2002

- paste no longer interprets %macro%

- fixes problems with switching number of columns when running as an
  applet or bean. (i.e. application and web start already worked)

Version - 23 April 2002

- null characters in escape sequence and run command buffers are now ignore.
  They do not cause buffer overflow.

Version - 16 April 2002

- no longer hangs on slow workstations when connected to slow servers when
  a send and a receive occur at the same time.

Version - 15 March 2002

- the delete key now sends 0177 and not 017 followed by ASCII '7'.

Version - 15 February 2002

- the F10 key is now trapped and not passed onto windows.

Version - 13 February 2002

- print to file no longer converts 0x80 to '?'

Version - 30 January 2002

- incoming NULL after CR now stripped

- history scroll doesn't jump-to-top when the screen font is resized

Version - 28 January 2002

- supports initial history scroll buffer (InitialHistory=2)

- supports insert mode (insert blank in line)

Version - 17 January 2002

- supports history scroll buffer (HistoryRows=250). This currently requires
  a JRE 1.3 or later.

- supports %history% macro

- supports setting the color of the history area (HistoryLinesFgColor=)
  and (HistoryLinesBgColor=)

Version - 2 January 2002

- janitaconfig can now map the shift-tab key.

- added the ability to hide the auto login until a specific string is
  received or until a timeout.

Version - 26 November 2001

- Keyin boxes are now drawn with a lighter shadow. This is especially
  noticable when the application has tables with keyin boxes on every

- janitaconfig: now works with JRE 1.4.0.beta3.

Version - 20 November 2001

- janita: now works with JRE 1.4.0.beta3.

- Improved screen resizing. Set oldresize=true for backwards

- Improved support of maximize, mimimize and normalize buttons at
  the top right corner of a window. Maximise now puts the window into
  full screen mode with that terminal area centred. For backwards
  compatability set fullscreen=false, then the maximize button will
  cause the terminal area to contain the maximum possible font for
  the screen size.

Version - 8 November 2001

- The mouse now supports the %copy% macro.

- The %copyandpaste% macro has been added for compatability with
  AniTa for Windows - the same functionallity as %copy%%paste%

- Multi-line copy and paste now works on all platforms.

Version - 5 November 2001

- Export to JNLP, now writes the name of the aws file into the jnlp
  file as its first <argument>

- Keyboard routine now scans for mapped keys during KeyPressed and
  for unmapped character keys during KeyTyped. This is the same
  mechanism as used in AniTa for Windows.

Version - 31 October 2001

- DEC emulation replies to DA1.

- Licensing of JNLP version is now the ame as Applet.

Version - 15 October 2001

- Improved keyboard echo.

- Tested as a JavaBean. Fixes problems implemented with
  screen frame resizing.

Version (preview) - 20 September 2001

- Supports partial Web deployment in Sun's Java Web
  Start (.jnlp) format.

- %shiftstate% macro simplified for mouse click. Reports
  the state of the key modifiers:
  Normal = 0
  Shift Down = 1
  Control Down = 2
  Alt Down = 4
  These values are accumulative, e.g. Shift+Alt = 5

Version - 20 August 2001

- Supports swapping between 80/132 columns

- Supports cursor on/off

- Fixed license box accept problem on linux

Version - 9 July 2001

- The install-janita script can now list possible
  Java Virtual Machines

- The install-janita script now requires a full
  (not relative) path to the JVM

- Janitaconfig - fixes decode problems when keying
  in license code in format with hyphens.

- Icons in .PNG format are now provided. These are
  useful on destops such as KDE Linux.

- Better detextion of international character keys,
  especially on Gnome and English KDE.

- Tested with Java 1.3.1

Version - 18 June 2001

- The text for the config button is now mappable.

- Adds language texts for Spanish, Dutch and German.

- Adds install-janita script to simplify installation
  on Linux and Unix platforms.

- Janitaconfig - first-time configuration screen now
  uses an improved layout, and there is no need to
  press the OK button twice to continue.

Version - 12 June 2001

- Adds support for AppName= in the configuration.

- Font size will now change automatically when the
  window is resized. Set scalefont=false to disable
  this functionallity

- Fixes problems with connect button being disabled
  after a connect attempt fails.

- Title bar now shows correct node name when during a
  connect attempt (even if changed in the connect box).

- When running as an application, the emulator has
  a button to start the configuration program.

- Terminal printing is now better supported, and the
  tp1lpp option has been added to allow you to
  specify the number of lines per page.

- Problems when trying to connect to a non-existant
  server have been fixed.

- Janitaconfig - now uses a grid bag layout instead
  of a pixel based layout in order to better handle
  different platforms.

- Janitaconfig - improved interface to work better
  on non-Windows platforms.

- Janitaconfig - now better shows which colors are
  mapped to boxes.

- Janitaconfig - now has new Screen font, Frame
  appearence, Window position and Terminal printing

- Janitaconfig - now supports browsing of fonts.

- Janitaconfig - now supports a browse button to
  specify the HTML file.

Version 1.05.4 - 2 May 2001

- Problems resolved with buttons still being shown as
  text when "show border when mouse over" selected.

- When running as a application in Linux with JRE 1.3,
  earlier versions started minimized. This problem did
  not occur with JRE 1.2.

Version 1.05.3 - 21 February 2001

- Problems when displaying boxes in the last column have
  been resolved.

- Can now customise the setting of the TERM value. This
  is compatible with AniTa for Windows. Currently the
  only UNIX ENV variable supported is TERM.

  To set the reported terminal type to anita220 instead
  of vt220 you can add the following.


Version 1.05.2 - 15 February 2001

- Better support of narrow fonts when performing terminal
  printing. In 1.05.1 the calculated narrow font was too
  small. It is now calculated correctly.

- The following parameters are now supported, to configure
  the terminal printer, but have not yet been added to the
  configuration program.


  note: that the default value for tp1narrowfontsize is 0
  which causes the narrow font size to be calculated.

- Janitaconfig - Fixed bug: Import of Attribute Color from

- Janitaconfig - Added import of UnixEnvEnable and UnixEnv.

Version 1.05.1 - 3 February 2001

- Adds support of mouse double click. The mouse click options
  are the same as in AniTa for Windows: mouseclick, mouseclickm,
  mouseclickr, mousedoubleclick, mousedoubleclickm and
  mousedoubleclickr. Just like AniTa for Windows, clicking the
  mouse twice will cause a single click event followed by a
  double click event.

- Adds support for ESC [ 0 i in DEC and ANSI emulations to
  perform screen dump from host.

- REVERSE_LANDSCAPE can now be specified for screen-dump
  paper orientation using sdorientation=3

- Fixes problems with screen clearing in Wyse emulation.

- Adds support for pass through printing

- Mouse click is now less sensitive to being dragged during
  a click. It was previously possible to miss a mouse click
  if the mouse pointer was moved just one pixel while being

- %shiftstate% macro added for mouse click. Reports the state
  of the key modifiers:
  Normal = 0
  Shift Down = 1
  Control Down = 2
  Alt Down = 4
  AltGraph Down = 8
  MetaDown = 16
  These values are accumulative, e.g. Shift+Alt = 5

- Janitaconfig - Added double click mouse field.

- Janitaconfig - Removed Host name in title bar.

- Janitaconfig - Added Landscape reversed in Screen Dump.

- Janitaconfig - Modified Character sets name.

- Janitaconfig - Changed color in Map keys Defintion field from
  gray to white.

Version 1.05 - 17 January 2001

- The 7-bit character sets now include the 8-bit PC graphics
  characters - compatability with AniTa for Windows.

- Added some more Wyse escape sequences.

Version 1.04 - beta test only

- Configuration adds support for 7-bit Character Sets (NRC).

Version 1.03

- Configuration - correct Button Panels are set according to
  choosen Terminal in 'First time setup'.

- Configuration - initial values in the Button Panel for Top
  rows & Top columns edit fields fixed.

- Configuration - Color button in Button Panel card fixed.

- Configuration - fixed problems with 'strange' strings in
  Top buttons/Bottom buttons card.

Version 1.01.1 - 9 November 2000

- The SendString routine in the "bean" interface now
  parses mnemonics such as <cr>.

Version 1.01 - 30 October 2000

- Improved configuration program.

Version 1.00.3 - 10 October 2000

- Added fontsizebest=true|false
  When set to true, the fontsize parameter is ignored in
  applications and instead the largest possible font is
  chosen for the screen on which th application is running.
- Added fontstylebest=true|false

  When set to true, the fontstyle parameter is ignored and
  the best possible font style is chosen for the platform on
  which AniTa is running. Currently this is bold for a
  Windows platform, otherwise normal.

Version 1.00.2 - 4 October 2000

- The top button panel is now in a different grid from the
  bottom button panel. This means that the widths of the top
  buttons no longer effect the widths of the botton buttons
  and vice versa.

- Empty buttons can now be defined in the button panel. These
  are buttons without either a text or an icon. These will
  leave an empty space in the button panel. For example:

- Panel buttons now have no horizontal margin requirement.

- Now has a "bean" interface, and can now be used as part of
  another application. There is a special Programmer's Guide
  available to explain how to do this.

Version 1.00.1 - 3 October 2000

- Supports macros:

- Connect prompt box now supports port number, "hostname:port"

- Supports ESC [ 31 y macro-to-run ESC \

Version 1.00 - 29 September 2000

- First Released Version

- Note that all earlier beta versions are NOT supported and will
  expire on 31 December 2000.