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April System Design was founded in April 1989 to develop advanced networking products for LAN, WAN, the Internet and mobile networks.

April has developed several successful products all recognized by ease of installation and use, innovation and outstanding value for money.  The April products are used in more than 65 countries and more than 1 700 000 licenses have been sold to date.

The product portfolio includes products like AniTa that offers Windows design to text-based applications, Fusion which connects PC networks with Linux / UNIX and the patent protected DynaPass family of products providing one time password solutions using SMS on mobile/ cellular phones.
April does development, production and sales from offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and San Clemente, California. The April worldwide reseller network takes advantage of the Internet for purchasing and delivering of April's products. April has a staff that is dedicated to our customers and resellers. In addition to our senior development team that produces our software we have support specialists and sales/ marketing specialists to assist our customers.

April's resellers and global customers over the years include Volvo, Ericsson, EDS, IBM and OKQ8 in Sweden, Clareity, QSI, Mardon, Abacus Systems, ACT and Compaq/HP in USA, Axis&Agix and AID Computer in France, APT in Holland, CMS in England , Weber Informatik in Switzerland, Prosper in Australia, S.I.G in Uruguay and NETLAN in Brazil - just to mention a few.

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