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AniTa Terminal Emulator
AniTa Terminal Emulator for Windows (sample screen)
AniTa sample screen

Evaluated as the "best Windows terminal emulator for UNIX applications" according to a leading UNIX supplier.
Gives new life to text based applications on platforms such as UNIX, Linux, VAX and IBM mainframe. Makes a text application look more like a windows application.
Connects through Telnet and SSH (TCP/IP), Serial (Modem, TAPI, COMx:, USB, direkt, ...) and NetBIOS.

see sample before / after screens ... see sample before / after screens ...See Before / After screen shots....

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Download now FREE 30 day evaluation - Download the latest AniTa Telnet Terminal Emulator. Evaluation download has 100% features.
 Cookbook  NEW
Checkout the new AniTa 8 Cookbook describing common screen enhancement scenarios.  This is a web-based step-by-step document written for novice AniTa users as well as for the professional designer.

White Paper written for management and technical people, explaining how AniTa can be used to improve your existing terminal applications.

All about AniTa's features & benefits.

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