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Customer Quotes 

"After more than thirty years in the computer business it takes a lot to impress us but Bjorn and the team at April Systems have got our attention. We have been agonizing over how to modernize our COBOL based applications without risking our entire business on a migration to a graphical environment. The folks from Sweden have given us a life raft. Not only is their AniTa product the best on the market but their service and support sets a benchmark for all others in the business to reach for. In less than two months we transformed a suite of over 1000 programs from a legacy look to a pleasing and feature rich product, without changing a single line of source code. Move over ABBA"
Robert Johnson - President AMS Computer Group, Canada

"When it comes to support - April System Design IS the best.  I have had questions answered in less time than it has taken the others to answer the phone!  For us, AniTa is the only emulator!
AniTa is loaded with features enough to keep any administrator happy, and any user impressed.  The emulator is consistant, works every time, compact, and robust - all at the same time.  Thanks for making our software look great!
April System Design know how to do emulation right!  A good emulator should be simple enough to do the job, but be feature rich to take your software to the next level.  AniTa is a GREAT emulator - with support that is hands down above the rest!
If you need to connect a PC to Unix, do not waste your time looking anywhere else.  AniTa is the "programmer's emulator".  It goes far beyond typical emulation with graphics and multi-media features - when you need them.  When you do not, it's still a great product.
April System Design leads the way in terminal emulation.  Who else has secure shell and line printer daemon built in.  Connecting and printing over the internet is no longer a problem with AniTa Enterprise.
Fusion 95 is one of the few products on the market that does exactly what it says, and does it right everytime.  It is so reliable, it does not make sense to even look for another file and print server on Unix - even if it's free!"
Dave DiPietro - Abacus Systems, USA

"Works like a charm!  Thanks for your help.  PS:  Does your company do satisfaction surveys? If you do, I'd be happy to fill one out, and indicate how great you've been to deal with." -
Jeff Elam - HealthLink, Inc, USA

A customer evaluated 8 different emulators: "What a jewel.... Huge raft of truly useful features. … when I saw it going, it blew me away. Suddenly TACT had turned GUI. … brilliant … emulation is 200%. Only AniTa meets all our requirements. The fact that it is one of the cheapest is a bonus ..." 
Bruce McPhail - Trustees Executors, New Zeeland

"STANPAK has been using AniTa for to acommodate our data transfers for 3 years and I want to report that it is doing a great job!" -
Ted Pycz - STANPAK Systems USA

" runs fine - thank you very much (AniTa is perfect!!!) best wishes"
Guenther Friedrich - FISCHER & KAUFMANN GmbH, Germany  

"... det är så här en supportavdelning och företag med IT-produkter skall fungera. ... det inte är många som lever upp till detta, men April System gör det definitivt"
Bengt Zandihn, Sweden

"... found your software for Terminal Emulation is the BEST and i often recommend my professional friends to use this software for their applications.
I will keep in touch with you in case i get any problem from same but so far,it works BEST with NO PROBLEMS!  Thank you once again"
V.Hari Rajan - National Steel & Agro Industries Ltd, India  

"Jag måste bara tacka och buga för en så snygg installation som du gjort,precis som jag ville ha den."
Andreas Olsson - COPIAX, Sweden

"Thank you very Much for the prompt response. The new Anita.exe works like a charm."
Dan Fraser - SNV International Ltd, USA

"Thanks you very much for your reactivity. Your product is great and we are going to work more and more with it."
Thierry Quaak, France

Congratulations! After my tesing and evaluation of 7 emulators for an SCO Unix system, I have chosen AniTa!"
Gary Kissinger - Information Technolog, USA

"We have installed the Anita emulator on our users desktops and they are very satisfied!!!   We love the product."
Todd Shook - Carolina Continental Ins Co, USA

"Thanks for the help.  That did solve the problem.  Any need in the future will be sure to recommend AniTa as a good product."
Steve "Kojak" Kovach - Kovach Consulting, Inc

"Det är inget problem med att ställa upp och testa - när det finns någon i andra änden som tar det på allvar och fixar till det så snabbt"
Sture Axelsson - Expert Invest AB, Sweden

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