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AniTa 6 - 11  Sample screens

This page contains sample screen snapshots from various AniTa 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and AniTa/WEB user's.  Click on the image to get a full view.

If you have a nice looking screen that can be of interest for other users, please contact us.  

see sample before / after screens ... see sample before / after screens ...

Click here to see special Before and After screen shots....

From AMS Comp.
Contact info:  
Robert Johnson

AniTa features like tooltips, gradient fills in field background, striped fills in field background, proportional font in fields, live html-browser in a hotspot, hotspot buttons and dynamic hotspots for various functions.  The second screenshot use a technique to scrape the part number from the screen and show the image in a browser.

Sample menu main parts billing program Gradient fills

Robert: "I thought I would share with you a couple of screen shots as we prepare to launch our revamped software. The sample menu is actually built on the fly by our COBOL program as it reads the contents of a flat file that used to drive our old menu routine. If the user elects to not see graphics they need only to set an environment variable to see a text based screen format. The navigation is by number, as they are used to, or by mouse. The second screen shot is the main parts billing program, designed for automotive parts distributors, which now allows for either mouse over or pop-up help. The picture of the bearing is down by scraping off a vendor/part# field that is hidden behind the buttons. The user clicks on the check mark next to the line number in order to see the picture. All done by the brilliant Anita products capabilities. There are approximately 1200 programs in the suite with a new module coming that integrates data directly in Xcelsius.
I just wanted you to see these because I am so grateful for all the support you have provided us."

From Nectar Systems.
Contact info:

new AniTa 8 new features like striped fills in field background.

Gradient fills Background wallpaper Gradient fills Background wallpaper


AniTa 7 new features like Gradient fills in field background, Window background "wallpaper" using a bitmap, Proportional font in fields.

Gradient fills Background wallpaper

From Nectar Systems.
AniTa/WEB in a browser.

Nectar Systems

Contact info:

AniTa 10: 


Menu with hotspots Bitmap pop-up Advanced panels. Company logo image on screen text area HTML page generated by AniTa

AniTa 7 feature: live html-browser in a hotspot. 

AniTa 7 with HTML hotspots


From ADI Sistemas de Informação - Brazil. 
Contact info: Adelí Mateus

Start screen

From Bally Systems.
AniTa/WEB in a browser with interactive buttons. Before (using a traditional emulator) and after running AniTa/WEB
Contact info:

before AniTa After AniTa/WEB

From April System Design.
COM Automation activated Excel from Host.
Contact info:   click here ...

(This is one of the samples from the AniTa Programmer's Guide ...)

Excel graph demo Sample button setup

AniTa 7 feature: LPD Server

AniTa 7 LPD Server


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